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AnyCard Works for Any Business

AnyCard is Canada’s first electronic gift card marketplace that offers small and medium businesses an easy and low cost solution to sell their gift cards online. E-gift cards are a proven way to increase sales and attract new customers.

It's really as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You don't need to change your current gift card program. Adding your store to AnyCard is very simple and only takes 10 minutes. After that, everything is automated.

The Benefits of eGift Cards:

  • Typically, when customers redeem a gift card, they spend 20% to 60% more than what the gift card is worth; increased revenue.
  • You may even find that some customers don't redeem their gift cards. This is basically free revenue for your business!
  • Gift cards increase your customer base effortlessly as they are usually given away to new customers as gifts.
  • Physical gift cards are expensive and require a ton of work to exploit... and even they generate 44% more revenue!
  • Electronic gift cards are convenient for your customers; they can be purchased from anywhere, at anytime!
  • Often times, gift cards are a "last minute" gift decision. By offering the ability to buy a gift card online, your customer has freedom and your business is open to a 24/7 revenue revenue stream!
There are plenty of reasons to offer electronic gift cards!

Core Features

These are some of the features that you could utilize today.

Around the clock sales.

By offering the sale of gift cards online, you open your business up to a 24/7 revenue stream! What this means is that you can collect revenue even while you sleep.

Best of all, this revenue is automated and effortless on your end. You and your employees don't have to lift a finger, so you can continue doing what you do best.

Time is Money!

Open up to new markets.

With the sale of electronic gift cards comes big opportunity.

This means that, with electronic gift cards, your business has the potential to reach customers across the country... or even the world!

From this, your business receives revenue from outside sources that would have been very hard to achieve before.

Time is Money!

We only profit when YOU do.

This is one of the reasons we have rigorously tested our system.

We know that, in the real world, designing, printing, and distribution costs a lot of money. But with AnyCard, we simplify that because we never charge any up-front costs or fees, what-so-ever.

Your only fee is when you sell a gift card. Funds are automatically deposited into your account!

Money goes both ways!

Effortless management.

No more playing phone tag or emailing back and forth all day with multiple companies in overly complex physical distribution systems.

With AnyCard, you can view your analytical data and manage your stores effortlessly from the Dashboard. Simply log-in, make a few clicks and you're done!

Time is Money!

100% Safe and Secure

AnyCard uses Stripe, Inc. as the payment processor so that you can ensure that all personal data stays confidential.

Plus, getting setup on Stripe is free and very easy. In 10 minutes or less, you can be selling your gift cards at no expense. If you already have a Stripe account, it's even easier!

We also use an enterprise class Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which provides the highest strength of encryption possible.

All data is kept secure!

Reward Point Marketplace

Once you complete your three step registration process, your business will be verified and added to the AnyCard Marketplace.

AnyCard will soon offer the option for your customers to buy e-gift cards with reward points from participating loyalty programs.

Reward Point Marketplace coming soon!

Gift Cards Aren't Just For Big Business Anymore

With AnyCard, you can finally be like the "Big Guys"!

Increase Your Revenue And Customer Base Now!

It's Simple How Easy It Is!

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Step 1

Sign up for an account by registering your name, email address, phone number and creating your password.

Step 2

Add your store quickly and easily to create your customized page and be added to our marketplace.

Step 3

Connect your bank account to receive automatic deposits when you sell an e-gift card.

Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it; hear what our customers have to say:

"With AnyCard, we have almost doubled our gift card sales revenue! We were amazed! Our gift card's have always been a popular item at the carwash, but we had no idea that selling them online would increase our sales so substantially. AnyCard has not only increased our sales revenue but has set us apart from our competitors."
Gerald W
“Everyone wants to go green these days. Which don’t get me wrong, is amazing. But with business, finding those solutions can sometimes be a little more time consuming or more expensive. Ditching my plastic gift cards that are bad for the environment and signing up with AnyCard was a no brainer. Keep up the good work guys!”
Altaf P
“I never thought moving from paper to e-gift cards would mean such a substantial amount of increased revenue, but the dollars spoke for themselves after signing up. The team was also really helpful.”
Khuan I
"I own and operate a café & restaurant in a small town and I had no idea that electronic gift cards would help my business so much. Customers enjoy not having to visit the café just to buy a gift card, they do it right on their phones! The best part is that it costs us less to sell electronic gift cards than to sell physical gift cards!"
Kasia K
“I’m not the most tech savvy person, but the team at AnyCard helped me navigate merchant solutions with tons of patience. Really was awesome support.”
Jim H

AnyCard Platform Pricing

No Overhead. No Investment. No Hassle.

Funds are automatically deposited into your bank account. Credit card fees are not included in the plans below.

Signup Signup Signup
Single Location:
Multiple Locations:
up to 10

Multiple Cashiers:
up to 10

Promotional Gift Cards:
In-Store Gift Cards:
User Permissions:
Promotions & Contests:
Advanced Reporting:
Free Monthly Credits: 0 20 100
Transaction Fee*: 7% 5% 3%
Signup Signup Signup
*Credit card fees of 2.9% + 30¢ not included

Even More Awesome Features.

We want to offer you as much value as possible, that's why we're throwing in these features, for free!

Run Contests (Lead Generation)

AnyCard lets you offer contests with the click of a button.

By running a contest with AnyCard, you can collect customer name's, email addresses, and phone number's. You can then, in turn, email or phone these customers with newsletters, updates, promotions, deals, etc.

Lead generation at its finest!

Send Gift Cards to Customers

Reward your best customers, make up for customer service mishaps, or simply give out as presents.

Also, you don't even have to pay the 10% fee! AnyCard does, however, charge 50¢ to cover delivery fees.

Send your customers gift cards!

We Think You'll Love It, and Never Look Back!

Your Satisfaction is... Guaranteed!

We know that, for most people, getting into the electronic gift card industry is unfamiliar territory and can be scary.

That's why we have a dedicated staff who's sole purpose is to make unfamiliar... familiar! We will help you to achieve resounding success with our system.

Contact us with any questions or issues that you may have. We'll give you advice on the best practices to: increase your sales and conversions, help you with technical bugs, or even give you personal advice for your business!

We love talking business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-gift card?

A digital version of a gift card; sent to the recipient electronically. AnyCard offers many sending methods: email, text, or Facebook.

How will this affect my current gift card system?

It won't affect it at all. We enable you to sell electronic e-gift cards. Our system is basically an extension to your current gift card system.

How easy is it to use your system?

Very easy. You can signup and try it for free right now! If you're having trouble, we have instructional videos and a dedicated support team.

How do I redeem a gift card?

Redeeming a gift card is easy and can be done through the Dashboard. We have instructional videos located there.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Feel free to contact our team anytime at 1-888-367-8448.

Go Green with Us!

We care about the Earth just as much as you do... That's why our gift card system helps save the environment from excess waste; one gift card at a time.

Since electronic gift cards aren't printed out, less waste enters landfills.

Let's save the planet, together.

We care about the Earth!

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